Advantage of advertising !

As we are increasingly mobile today and spend a lot of time away from home, outdoor advertising touches us both during work and leisure time – on walks, cycling, shopping or on a trip.
Therefore, outdoor advertising, especially billboard advertising, is a very important part of successful advertising.

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Main advantages of this type of advertising include :

  • exposure frequency (the consumer sees the ad on the road several times a day and remembers it better),
  • reaching a wide variety of consumers (among others, there is also a large part of the young active population who spend a lot of time on the road ),
  • reaching large part of the population in a given geographical area,
  • targeting specific locations and reaching a specific target group quickly,,
  • a very effective medium for introducing new brands,
  • good exposure (from 14-24 hours a day),
  • very noticable (most noticable outdoor advertisement).

Other features ?

  • A billboard is an effective complement to other mediums of advertisement.
  • Billboards are almost impossible to ignore because of their common appearance and size.
  • If prepared properly, billboard can be a very attractive medium that allows the ad to be concise,
  • Repetition is good, because people remember your add more quickly.
  • Billboards make people buy the product faster.
  • The ad on a billboard cannot be put down as easily as we can do e.g. on television. The consumer also does not have to spend extra money on this, nor does he spend a lot of extra time. A good idea that is also clearly visually presented and a compelling ad message can create a winning formula for your ad message.

SOURCE: External media and analysis of advertising prices (Mitja Šafar)

Prudent outdoor advertising leads to greater visibility, better traffic to your website and consequently more potential customers and traffic. Which company doesn’t want that today?

Preparation of materials .

Because we know how to achieve greater efficiency of advertising on billboards, our offer also includes the design of billboards and preparation for printing. In collaboration with various designers, we design a jumbo poster according to your wishes.

Flexibility !

You can also design the materials yourself. In cooperation with major printing houses in Slovenia, we also provide a comprehensive poster printing service. Offset technology is used for larger editions, and digital technology for smaller ones. The following instructions are important when preparing your materials for printing.

Instructions for preparing printing materials :

ATTENTION: All clients are asked to follow the below recommendations when designing billboard materials. All key information should be at least 10-15 cm away from the right and bottom edge, because the paper can stretch differently depending on weather conditions and may be cut.

The file should be in the following formats

  • Adobe Photoshop (tiff, eps, jpg, psd, pdf)
  • Adobe Illustrator (ai., eps.)

If you are submitting open files, attach the fonts used or convert all the text to curves. Files (colors) should be in CMYK. File resolution should be optimized to at least 300 dpi.

Billboard formatDimensions of scaled-down files (with trimming)
billboard 400 x 300 cm396 cm x 300 cm + 5 mm for trimming
billboard 504 x 238 cm500 cm x 235 cm + 5 mm for trimming

Recommendation :

When designing the poster, the positioning of the colophons and text should be at least 15 cm from the right and bottom edge of the poster. Due to weather conditions, paper may stretch differently, which can lead to unwanted cuts when gluing. Place the imprint, logo, agency name, and similar information on the left or top edge of the poster.

  • Prepare pictures larger than 1 m2 in a ratio of 1:10!
  • Images should always be ready for the final dimension, ie the dimension to be printed.

Article 12, paragraph 2 of the Consumer Protection Act stipulates:
»Advertising messages must be in the Slovene language, and in areas where the Italian or Hungarian national communities live indigenously, they may be in the language of the national community. Individual words or short phrases in a foreign language that are understandable to most consumers due to normal use may be used if they form an integral part of the corporate image.«

The Consumer Protection Act does not allow messages to be bilingual (in Slovene and the language of the national community), but allows the possibility of messages only in the language of the foreign national community.

Article 51 of the Media Act regarding the use of the (Slovenian) language stipulates:
(1) Advertisements must be disseminated in Slovene or in Slovene translation, unless they are disseminated in a foreign language in accordance with this Act.
(2) The media of the Italian or Hungarian national community may publish advertisements in the language of the national community

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Terms and discounts !

Billboard messages must comply with the Advertising Code and applicable law. The client is responsible for the content of the ad. We reserve the right not to produce ads that do not comply with company policies. For the printing and installation of billboard posters (external contractors) and possible damage to already pasted posters, the SPIN Agency does not assume any responsibility.

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