Creating Credit reports .

As more and more Slovenian companies decide to produce credit ratings in times of economic instability, the SPIN Agency decided to expand our activity to this sector as well. We will create a credit rating for you and assess the financial strength of your company (ability to repay debt, check and collect receivables, consulting, etc.).

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Credit rating :

By preparing a credit rating of each individual company, we will facilitate your choice of your future business partners. With a credit rating done, you can quickly find out how careful you need to be when doing business with existing and potential business partners.

A credit rating is made up of a financial part (annual reports of companies – static part of the assessment) and a dynamic part, also called the company’s »soft data« (account status, bankruptcies, liquidations, blocked account, execution…).

Credit reports contains the following information :

  • basic data,
  • summary,
  • leadership,
  • risk assessment,
  • payments,
  • history,
  • legal form,
  • capital,
  • branches,
  • business,
  • financial evidence,
  • execution,
  • currency,
  • other reviews.

Why do you need credit rating ?

»One of the biggest obstacles to the development of entrepreneurship is payment indiscipline, which bothers everyone in Slovenia, from entrepreneurs to foreign investors. However, every entrepreneur can do a lot in the fight against this – before concluding a deal, he must review in detail the data of the business partner, the balance of transaction accounts, data in business registers, annual reports or obtain the credit rating of the company he wants to work with ”(from the magazine Moje Finance, Stela Mihajlovič, June 2013). defines the credit rating as a report on the “business health” of the company.

Credit rating is therefore one of the basic indicators that every responsible company should have.

If you want a fast, reliable and favorable credit rating, contact the SPIN Agency. We will make your business easier and less risky!