Virtual office !

Many companies do not need business premises at the beginning of their business journey. Therefore, to reduce costs, at least at the beginning of their business journey, they decide to rent so-called virtual offices and business addresses.

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Key features of a virtual office !

How it works ?

The business owner and the service provider arrange an agreement for a small monthly payment then the business owner can register the company at a chosen address. This address is then set to receive all mail, which is sent to chosen address – either in physical or electronic form.

Who is it for ?

A virtual office is a solution for those who would like to do business from home but cannot register a business at the address where they reside (eg. a landlord does not agree that a tenant should have their business registered at their address).

Main feature

An affordable solution !

The option of a virtual office with a business address is much cheaper than renting a physical office. This can save companies a lot of money, which they can spend on other needs, at least in the early business days. With a virtual office, a newly established company acquires a registered office and a business address.

SPIN Agency offers you a virtual office rental under minimum conditions and ensures the implementation of its services according to the principle of the best expert!

100 % money back if you are not satisfied!

Price of virtual office service :

Business address from 32€

32 € (with subscription for 24 months in advance)

35 € (with subscription for 12 months in advance)

39 € (with subscription for 6 months in advance)

49 € (for monthly subscription)

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Mail redirection

depending on the actual amount of mail sent (by agreement) or at least € 10 per month. There is also the option of scanning and emailing mail!

The price does not include VAT and is charged every month.

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