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In times of crisis more and more Slovenian companies are chosing to produce credit rating and we are also in Agency Spin decided to expand our activity in this sector. For you we will create a rating and evaluate the financial strenght of individual copmanies (the ability to repay debt, probability of default, etc..) that you will be cooperating with.

With a financial strenght rating of each company, we will facilitate the selection of your business partners. With a rating, which we will make it, you can quickly determine how careful you must be when you dealing with existing and potencial business partners.

A credit rating is made up of financial part (annual reports of companies- static part of the assessment) and dynamic part so called »soft data« company (account status, bankruptcies, liquidations, blocked account, execution…)

Credit reports contains the following information:

  • basic data

  • summary

  • leadership

  • the risk assessment

  • payments

  • history

  • the legal form

  • capital

  • branches

  • business

  • financial evidence

  • execution

  • currency

  • other reviews

If you want fast, reliable and favorable rating, please contact us and your buseness decisions will be easier and with less risk.

Contact us on +386 (0)70 77 77 65 or write us at info@agencijaspin.si and check out more details.

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