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documentationWhen registering a company in Serbia, a passport is essential for foreign nationals.

authorizationRegistration of a company in Serbia can be arranged with an authorization from here.

TimeThe company is registered within 5 to 7 days.

Do you know how many individuals and companies want to enter the Serbian market every day and open their business in Serbia? At the same time, they meet with various institutions at every step, complex administrative procedures, numerous bodies and individuals, who do little to help them, close the doors to them rather than offer them active and quick help? This means a huge loss of time for them, additional (unnecessary) costs, and so forth.




Our company, Agencija Spin d.o.o., was last year the leading company and the biggest one in the field of sales of companies in the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, professional assistance to individuals and companies from abroad. In doing so, we have helped to open more than 800 companies with our comprehensive solutions and our own "OSS - One Stop Shop" service system! Our biggest advantage is exactly the speed, lower notarial costs and, above all, the guarantee that the company is really 100% "clean" without debts, which is also signed with a notary and for what we more than guaranteed! For this reason, we will be pleased to cooperate with you, as we are sure that in addition to buying a company, we can offer you a whole package of additional benefits that you get when you buy the company, which is also our difference. our added value for you as a customer (more in the e-mail below).

When opening a company in Serbia, only an identity card is required for citizens of Serbia, and a valid passport is required for foreigners!

Our entire services include:

  • Opening of the company in Serbia (we regulate the whole process of establishing d.o.o., payment of core capital, transfer of the established company, other notary works, establishment of a company with the lowest costs of management and other assistance)
  • In case you do not have a business address, we can offer you a virtual office rental in Serbia (Novi Sad, Belgrade) with. All mail can be sent regularly and daily via e-mail.
  • Accounting services (accounting-accounting service), when registering a company in Serbia, you must have a selected accounting service, and if you do not have one, we can offer you the option of our accounting
  • Help opening a bank account
  • Making a trademark of a business
  • Buying a business (we help you find a buyer for your business),
  • Company closure / termination (bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation proceedings and other matters),
  • Acquisition of company tax code,
  • Obtaining a work permit and a residence permit for foreigners (we help and advise in obtaining the necessary permits),
  • In the field of employment, we can help you prepare various contracts,
  • we can also offer financial advice (if you need advice),
  • and any other business advice on your new market in Serbia.


We can establish a company in such a way that you do not need to go to Serbia due to the establishment, we can arrange everything from here.

When opening a new company in Serbia, the following information is required:

  • data of the potential / new owner (if you are a citizen of Serbia, a copy of the identity card), you can enter this on a special form, which is attached to this email, if a foreigner requires a copy of the passport,
  • Information on the new director, the procurator (a copy of the passport),
  • Short and long name of the company (check if there is a company under this name already, our recommendation is to use two words on behalf of the company, arrange the name reservation)
  • Company headquarters address (you can also use our virtual office),
  • Activities (please indicate the main activity and other activities the company will deal with)
  • If the founder is a foreign legal person, we need a copy from the court register in which the legal entity is registered (the printout must not be older than three months; the printout must show the name of the company, the founder of the company, the persons authorized to represent this company, the registration number and The address of the company, the document must be translated into Serbian and notarized and haphazardly ascribed, in the case of a country that is a signatory to the Hague Convention)
  • The minimum core capital is 100 dinars, but we propose 10,000 dinars (which is about 100 euros) because the money remains in the company, and it will also make it easier for you to start your business.
  • If you want the company to be a taxpayer?

When you submit all the necessary documentation for the establishment of the company, the company is established within 5 to 7 business days. After receiving the registration decision, we can make a stamp and open a bank account.

For more information, please contact us at prodaja@agencijaspin.si, you can also call us on phone number 00386 70 777 766

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