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Insolvency proceedings are proceedings conducted against those economic and other entities that have become over-indebted or insolvent for a long time.
Insolvency proceedings were in Slovenian law governed primarily by the Law on the financial performance of companies in the Compulsory Settlement, Bankruptcy and Liquidation Act and the Companies Act.And now the area is regulated primarily by the Financial Operations, Insolvency Proceedings and Compulsory Dissolution Act ( ZFPPIPP ). The new law similar to comparable legislation also regulates personal bankruptcy and bankruptcy estate. Certain issues related to insolvency proceedings are regulated in the Law on Labour Relations, Slovenian accounting standards, tax regulations, etc.
Insolvency proceedings under Slovenian law are declared bankrupt, debt settlement and compulsory liquidation.

Our experience in insolvency proceedings are welcome in resolving financial difficulties and insolvency of companies. We provide business and financial advice to our business partners at or before the formation of insolvency an analysis of financial and business situation, financial restructuring, preparation of plans and proposals for composition and preparation of proposals for bankruptcy.

For creditors we are preparing claims in insolvency proceedings and take care to protect their interests by examining the actual situation of the debtor in the event of insolvency proceedings and active cooperation in the context of bankruptcy proceedings.

We offer our sevices to companies in the field of liquidation of companies where we have to distinguish between:

- Voluntary liquidation carried out by single legal entity on the basis of the decision of the competent organ of the legal person and
- Compulsory liquidation, which begins beyond the control of legal persons and executed by the court.

We also offer overview of business and financial condition for members and shareholders. In the context of overviewwe consider both the correctness of recording individual transactions, business analysis and an analysis of the effects of possible irregularities that occurred during the operation.

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