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For the companies that need the (initial) temporary business address, we offer a service called a virtual office. Virtual office allows you to establish a company, have business adress without actual office, even though it won’t resume its full operations immediately or when management is not present in Slovenia for a certain period of time and would like to receive the incoming post using a different mode (scanned) or if you simply wish to save unnecessary costs when your start up your business, it does not require usage of business premises (for example constant traveling, work from home, etc.). With a virtual office a newly created company gets its registered and business address.

The entire service can be governed before the (new) company registration or. without any problems, even during of business, so you can move the your business address to us at any time.

This service includes rental of a business address (at which you receive post for your company) and the possibility of diverting your post to another address (you can redirect post to another home or foreign address, also we can scan the post and send it to your email address, etc.). All the communication can also take place over the phone.

Business address: 49 €

Redirecting mail: according to the processed amount of post (by arrangement); with a minimum (at least) of € 10 per month.

The price does not include VAT which is charged monthly.

You can call us on +386 70 77 77 65 or write to us at marketing@agencijaspin.si and check for more information!



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