Personal data protection policy

Thank you for visiting our website. The protection of your personal data is very important to us, which is why, along with quality content, we also guarantee your right to make your own decisions about the use of your data. This personal data protection policy governs the collection, storage and processing of personal data collected by the operator from users.


Personal data collection administrator

Categories of personal data

Purposes of personal data processing

Storage time

Protection of personal data

User rights

Contractual processors and storage area

Use of cookies

Legal notice

Final decisions

Personal data collection administrator

The controller of the personal data collection is the SPIN Agency, Bizeljska cesta 5, 8250 Brežice.
The authorized person in relation to the protection of personal data, Sebastijan Jankovič, can be reached at As a recipient or the user authorizes the manager to collect, process and store the provided personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.

Categories of personal data

Obtained data kept by the manager of the personal data collection:

  • e-mail address,
  • first and last name and title or gender due to personalized emailing needs,
  • gender,
  • date of birth,
  • company name,
  • physical address of the person and company,
  • the company’s industry,
  • responses from the satisfaction survey,
  • data, purchases, service requests and complaints,
  • telephone,
  • GSM,
  • which messages the user opened and which links in the messages he clicked,
  • which pages he visited on the portal,
  • past inquiries,
  • account information,
  • user IP addresses and cookie IDs.

Purposes of personal data processing

The administrator will use the data obtained from the users for the following purposes:

  • communication in connection with the provision of services, purchases, support requests, inquiries or (pre)contractual relations;
  • execution of prize games and events;
  • statistical and market analyses; tracking of e-mail clicks and opens and website clicks for segmentation and customization of e-mail content;
  • informing and sending e-news, articles, notifications about events by e-mail;
  • direct marketing and sending of offers by SMS/MMS, e-mail and notification messages, regular mail, on the website and mobile applications and making phone calls;
  • segmentation, profiling and automated processing in order to create customized messages and offers that will be more relevant to the user;
  • displaying customized ads on advertising platforms (Google and Facebook).

When sending e-mails, the administrator records the opening of received messages by individuals and clicks on links in received messages. It also records visits and campaigns on the operator’s website. For better and more targeted delivery of offers and customization of messages or communications automatically processes, analyzes, profiles and evaluates the activity and interest measurement of users.

Insofar as the operator markets the service of another company and you have sent an inquiry for this service, you agree to forward your personal data and data from this inquiry to the provider of these services. He then keeps this information with him and can contact you regarding this inquiry.

Storage time

We store an individual’s personal data indefinitely or until revocation of consent for the storage and processing of the individual’s data. After revoking an individual’s consent, we immediately and permanently delete their personal data.

If the purposes described above, for which we store and process personal data, cease in our company, we will immediately and permanently delete the data collections whose purpose has ceased.

Protection of personal data

The administrator will protect the obtained data in accordance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data and in accordance with its internal acts adopted on the basis of the law. He will provide adequate organizational and technical protection. In no case will the operator forward or disclose the obtained data to third parties. The administrator implements appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data.

User rights

In accordance with the provisions of the EU General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) and ZVOP-2, the controller of personal data must provide the consumer at his request:

• To confirm whether the data related to him is being processed or not, and to enable him to view the personal data relating to him.
• Provide a printout of personal data relating to him.
• Give the opportunity to correct or complete your personal data.
• Give the possibility of partial or complete deletion of personal data.
• Give the possibility of transferring personal data to another provider of related services.
• Give the possibility of partial or complete withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data.

The administrator will take your request for cancellation into account and will consistently arrange for the cancellation of consent for the purpose of personal data processing within 15 days at the latest.

Any individual, if he believes that his rights regarding the protection of his personal data have been violated in any way by the controller, can file a complaint with the supervisory authority (Information Commissioner in the Republic of Slovenia) at any time.

Each user has the option to simply unsubscribe from receiving messages with one click in the footer of the received e-mail message, or send an e-mail with unsubscribe or a request to exercise one of the above rights to, or send a written request to the address SPIN Agency, Bizeljska cesta 5, 8250 Brežice.

Contractual processors and storage area

The controller also forwards the collected personal data to its contractual processors, who can process the data exclusively within the framework of the controller’s instructions and authorizations and who are bound by a written contract concluded with the controller to ensure an adequate level of personal data protection, namely: for ERP, marketing system automation and CRM. The provider keeps collections of personal data in the EU and does not export them to third countries.

The controller can provide personal data to digital advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and use their cookies, which enable the controller to create more precise segments, display targeted ads and remarket. This allows the user to receive more relevant advertisements on these platforms from the operator. This may involve the export of data to a contractual processor outside the EU.

Use of cookies

As a user of the website, you agree that cookies are loaded on your computer to ensure the operation of all website functions, web analytics and advanced advertising.

The following cookies are loaded:

• Analytics cookies (Google Analytics)

• These are used to record website traffic analytics and provide us with data on the basis of which we can provide a better user experience.

• Cookies for social networks (Facebook and Instagram)

• Cookies required for plugins to share content from the site to social networks.

• Cookies for communication on the page (Chat)

• Cookies enable display, contact and communication via the communication plug-in on the page.

• Cookies for advertising (Google and Facebook)

• They are intended for targeted advertising based on the user’s past activities on other pages.

• Marketing Automation Tool (ESMA) cookies

• They are intended to collect data on the behavior and activities of website visitors.

• Cookies for displaying video content (Youtube)

• They are intended to display video content and track views.

They are intended to monitor the user’s activities on the website.

If you are logged into the user account of another provider (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc.) while browsing our websites, these providers can track your behavior on our websites in accordance with their terms and the selected settings in your account with this provider . More information in this regard should be provided by the individual provider.

Other websites that we link to on our website (external links) may have privacy policies that differ from our privacy policy. In order to protect your privacy, we recommend that you also review the privacy policy of other websites that you access through our website.

Instructions for editing cookies in individual browsers:

Legal notice

All content of the website is the property of SPIN Agency and is informative in nature. All information and photos contained on the website of SPIN Agency are subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property protection, as well as those of the related contractual partners, whose content is included in the website, within the legally permitted framework. Documents published on these websites may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, retaining all copyright or other copyright notices and may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes.

In SPIN Agency by carefully updating the content, we strive to ensure the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the data on our websites, but the company does not assume any responsibility for their accuracy. SPIN Agency, as well as other legal or natural persons who participated in the creation and production of this website, are not responsible for any damage that may arise from the access, use or impossibility of using the information on these websites or for any errors or deficiencies in their content. Users use the published content at their own risk.

The company SPIN Agency reserves the right to change the content of these websites at any time, in any way and for any reason without prior notice. It does not assume responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

Other websites to which we link from our website (external links) may have privacy policies that differ from our privacy policy. To protect your privacy, we recommend that you review the privacy policies of other websites that you access through our website.

Final provisions

For everything that is not regulated by this Personal Data Protection Policy, the current legislation applies.

The company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. We will inform you about the change by publishing it on the official website 30 days before it comes into effect.

If you have any questions about the Personal Data Protection Policy that we keep about you, please write to us at the e-mail address

Validity of the policy on the protection of personal data

This Policy on the protection of personal data is published on the website of AGENCIJA SPIN d.o.o. and comes into effect on June 4, 2018.

Validity of the policy on the protection of personal data

This Policy on the protection of personal data is published on the website of SPIN Agency and comes into effect on June 4, 2018.