Doing business in Germany .

Have you been offered a business opportunity to provide services in Germany? Are you concluding a business cooperation agreement with a German company? Before entering the German business market, it is good to know that you need to obtain quite a few documents and permits to work in Germany. You must fulfill your obligations in the field of labor law as well as in the field of taxation of companies, employees and VAT obligations.

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For companies that want to expand their construction services to the German market, we offer help in editing the most important documents. In this way, your business in Germany will run smoothly and in accordance with German law.

1. Step – Zoll application

Employers domiciled in foreign countries or companies hiring workers in Germany from companies domiciled in foreign countries are required to report their employees to the German Customs Service (Zoll) and to declare that they fulfill the working conditions in force in Germany. Workers must be registered from the first working day in Germany and the registration must be done for every specific construction site. At the SPIN Agency we arrange your application for you quickly and easily which ensures that you are urgently applying to the German authorities, thus avoiding the heavy fines that you could get if you do not do it or do not do it right!

2. Step – Soka-bau fund

Germany has set up a workers’ compensation fund for workers in the construction industry. In the German tax sense, the construction industry is considered in the broadest sense, so it is necessary to inquire at the Soka-Bau office whether or not the activity you are engaged in is a fund and whether you have to pay a contribution to the fund. At the SPIN Agency we help you obatin this Soka-bau certification. Trust this work to experts; this way you will be able to focus on other things, like the organization of the work in Germany itself.