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Companies for sale.

CountryTax payerEstablishedCapitalTypeIncomeExpensesLoss / Profit
Sloveniayes201510.000 €LLC2000 €1000 €1000 €
Croatiano19955.000 €ULC1000 €500 €500 €
Slovakiayes20212.000 €LLC500 €1000 €– 500 €

Obtaining a work visa within 30 days for B&H and SRB citizens and about 2 to 3 months for third country nationals.

We help arrange rental for foreigners.

When submitting an application, there will be no SUPPLEMENTATION of the required documents, because we know exactly what needs to be submitted.


Professional assistance for your business .

We offer assistance in editing the most important documents for doing business in Germany.

Bookkeeping and accounting services for companies that do not have organized accounting within their company.

Insolvency proceedings are conducted against economic and other entities that have become over-indebted or insolvent for a long time.

Court interpreter is an expert who has passed the exam for a court interpreter at the Ministry of Justice, where he is also registered in the register of interpreters.

We will make you a credit rating report and assess the financial strength of your company.

Intrastat is the statistics of trade between EU member states, where data are collected monthly using statistical forms directly from the reporting units.

The basic professional qualification for road transport drivers program replaces National Vocational Qualifications.

An excise warehouse is a technological unit in which the holder of an excise license manufactures, stores, receives or dispatches excise goods under a duty suspension arrangement.

We help various companies and organizations obtain grants published in tenders from national and EU funds.

Modern society and law know two legal methods of dispute settlement – judicial and extrajudicial.

We offer legal advice, counseling and services to individuals or groups, physical or legal persons from any legal field.

Professional assistance for your business.

  • Exposure frequency (ad seen on the side of the road several times a day)
  • Reach different target groups of consumers
  • Big exposure to large part of population in specific geographic area
  • Good exposure, from 12 – 24h a day


Knowing the rules is very important in the business world, so we have a set of rules for you that will make your job easier and make you a better business leader!


For smaller companies, without employees or with one employee.

Includes 12 documents!

For medium sized companies, with one or more employees.

Includes 53 documents!

For big companies, with one or more employees.

Includes 120 documents!

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We have a successful business relationship with Agencija SPIN d.o.o., they are responsive, professional and flexible.


As a regular customer of Agencija SPIN d.o.o., I can say that they are an extremely professional team that always finds a constructive solution to situations. They are ready to offer solutions even in situations where it is necessary to take into account several different factors for projects. We have been cooperating with Agencija SPIN d.o.o. team for many years and, as far as I am concerned, they are a reliable partner for achieving the desired goals. They are high quality, constructive and affordable.

Janko Pirc, Konoplja osvobaja

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