Basic professional qualification for drivers .

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The basic professional qualification for road transport drivers program replaces National Vocational Qualifications, which was discontinued on 10th September 2008 for drivers who carry out public transport of passengers with vehicles over 9 seats and for drivers who carry out public transport of goods with vehicles over 3.500 kg maximum permissible mass, as of 10th September 2009.

Acquisition of basic skills (code 95) shall be entered on the license or driver qualification card. It is needed by all professional drivers performing public commercial passenger transport with more than 9 seats and public commercial transport of goods over 3.500 kg maximum permitted weight.

The process of acquiring basic qualification .

There are three ways to acquire basic qualification.

The student successfully completes secondary vocational education for drivers of vehicles on the roads.

  • In addition to the final certificate, the educational organization also issues a certificate of the acquired basic qualification.

Accelerated acquisition of basic qualification :

  • in the form of a compulsory course of at least 140 hours,
  • the candidate completes at least 10 hours of individual driving with a driving instructor,
  • written exam.

Examination: :

  • practical test, which lasts at least 2 hours,
  • theoretical knowledge test, which lasts 180 minutes and consists of two parts:
    • questions which include multiple-choice answers and questions requiring a direct answer,
    • Case Study.

After passing the exam, the candidate receives a certificate, on the basis of which he can enter the code 95 at any administrative unit for 5 years (from the date of passing the exam). The validity of the code is extended through a regular training process.

Regular training is otherwise mandatory and candidates who have completed the first regular training course must complete it every five years in the amount of 35 hours, or every year for a minimum of 7 hours. Candidates must complete the training before the certificate confirming regular training expires.