Establishment of a branch in Slovenia .

Branches do not in themselves have legal personality. They act in the name and on behalf of the foreign company, using the name of the parent company, its registered office and their own company. (ZGD-1).

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Conditions for establishing a branch in Slovenia .

A foreign company from other country may establish a branch only if the parent company has been registered for at least 2 years in the country where it was established. However, if a company from the EU wants to establish a branch, this condition is not necessary.

Documents needed to open a branch in Slovenia (for a foreign company):

  • translation of the basic act of the main, parent company
  • valid company contract
  • extract from the judical record
  • foreign companies (parent company) and private individual persons (for branch manager) must have a Slovenian tax number
  • anual report for the last financial year

Court interpreter .

Official documents of the founder of the branch must be translated at the official Slovenian court interpreter.  If you need an official translation, SPIN Agency can provide you with one who will translate all the documents needed.

Notary fees depend on the composition of the documents verification, the proposal in the register …

SPIN Agency can assist you in the preparation of all documents. We can also help you with translation of all the documents needed, and the acquisition of Slovenian tax numbers for both private individual and legal persons.

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