In Austria.

Do you know how many individuals and companies want to enter the Austrian market every day and open their business in Austria? At the same time, they meet with various institutions at every step, complex administrative procedures, numerous bodies and individuals, who do little to help them, close the doors to them rather than offer them active and quick help? This means a huge loss of time for them, additional (unnecessary) costs, and so forth.

Time = money

Our company, Agencija Spin d.o.o., was last year the leading company and the biggest one in the field of sales of companies in the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, professional assistance to individuals and companies from abroad. In doing so, we have helped to open more than 800 companies with our comprehensive solutions and our own “OSS – One Stop Shop” service system! Our biggest advantage is exactly the speed, lower notarial costs and, above all, the guarantee that the company is really 100% “clean” without debts, which is also signed with a notary and for what we more than guaranteed! For this reason, we will be pleased to cooperate with you, as we are sure that in addition to buying a company, we can offer you a whole package of additional benefits that you get when you buy the company, which is also our difference. our added value for you as a customer (more in the e-mail below).

Austria recognizes the following legal organizational forms of companies (except civil law companies) :

  • sole proprietor (s.p.),
  • limited liability company (GmbH),
  • open company (OG)
  • civil law society (GesbR)

  • limited partnership (KG)
  • joint stock company (AG)
  • silent society (Stille Gesellschaft).

Every company that wants to do business in Austria needs, among other things, a trade license. We know regular and free trades. The conditions for obtaining a trade license are: EU citizenship, residence in Austria, the age of majority and the applicant’s criminal record.

Even in Austria, the most common form of legal organization of a commercial company is a limited liability company (GmbH).

The SPIN agency can help you establish an Austrian GmbH.

Establishment of the company GMBH :

State capital: 35,000 € (required deposit at least 50% – 17,500 €)

At the time of establishment, it is necessary to pay only EUR 5,000 in cash. In the next 10 years of operation, an additional EUR 5,000 must be paid in cash. Other stakes can be real.

Our services include the entire process of setting up a company (consulting, on-site assistance, incorporation, notary, bank account, entry in the court register)

The company is taxed at a 25% tax rate. The founder’s guarantee is limited to the subscribed capital of the company, and the director is liable for unfair business practices. The establishment time is 2 – 4 weeks.

Help on the business of GMBH:

Accounting, headquarters, tax authorization, preparation of annual balance sheet, ..

Provision of a virtual office

Since every company needs a business address where it receives mail, phone calls, etc., we offer you the possibility of renting a virtual office at favorable prices and in recognized elite locations in Graz, Klagenfurt or Vienna. Your company will thus have a reputable business address right from the time of its establishment.

Takeover of the company GMBH :

We guide you through the whole process (consulting, on-site assistance, takeover, bank account)

Help on the business of GMBH:

Accounting, headquarters, tax authorization, preparation of annual balance sheet, ..

Opening a bank account

the entire process (collection of documentation, assistance, language support):

1. Personal account
2. Resident’s business account (GMBH)
3. Business account for a non-resident company