In Montenegro.

Do you know how many individuals and companies want to enter the Montenegrin market every day and open their own business in Montenegro? At the same time, at every step, they encounter different institutions, complicated administrative procedures, many authorities and individuals, who help them very little, rather they close their doors to them than offer them active and quick help. For them, this means a huge waste of time, incurring of additional (unnecessary) costs, etc.

Time = money !

Our company, the SPIN Agency, last year was the leading company and the largest in the field of sales of companies on the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, with professional assistance to individuals and companies from abroad. With our comprehensive solutions and our own service systems »OSS – One Stop Shop« TM</strong >  we have already helped open more than 1500 companies! Our biggest advantage is precisely the speed, lower notary costs and, above all, the guarantee that the company is really 100% “clean”, without debts, which we also sign at the notary and therefore more than guarantee it! For this reason, we will also be happy to cooperate with you, because we are sure that, in addition to buying a company, we can also offer a whole package of additional benefits that you get when you buy the company, which is also our difference, our added value for you as a customer (more in the e-mail below).


The right decision !

If you decided to open a company in Montenegro, you made the right decision!

To open a company in Montenegro, you only need an identity document and €1. There is also an option for company registration which does not require you to go to Montenegro.

Some advantages of doing business in Montenegro – Profit tax is among the lowest in Europe and amounts to only 9%, in Slovenia it is 17%. If the business owner wants to withdraw the profit and transfer it to his personal account, he pays a 9% tax. Even in this case, the tax in Slovenia is higher, namely 25%. The value added tax (VAT) is also lower in Montenegro than in Slovenia, at 19%.

  • As the only non-member of the European Union, Montenegro has the euro as its national currency, so you can also withdraw euros from an ATM.
  • Foreign companies or natural persons have the same conditions for establishing a company as domestic companies or domestic natural persons. Montenegro also has one of the simplest company registration procedures.
  • Stop capital is only 1 EUR!!

Step by step to the company :

  • Choose a company name:

    • We check if the business name is available and reserve it for you. If not, we will choose another name together
  • We will need the following information from you:

    • your personal data (name and surname, address, tax number and passport number)
    • headquarters of the company (if you do not have an address, you can also register the company at our address) activity that the company will be engaged in
  • Once we have all the necessary information, we will prepare all the documentation for the company registration. We will then agree with you on the date when we will prepare everything for you in Montenegro and carry out the company establishment process to the end.
  • Both the director and the owner of the company must come to Montenegro to sign the documents. They must have personal documents with them. In the event that the founder is a legal entity, it is necessary to have an extract from the AJPES with you, which must not be older than 3 months (there is also an option to arrange all things regarding the establishment with powers of attorney, which means that you will not be obliged to come to Montenegro)
  • We prepare all the documents for you, you just sign and certify all the necessary documents at a notary (agreement on the establishment of a company, authorizations, documents for the bank,…) and return them to us by e-mail.
  • We send the documentation to the court.

Within 7 to 10 days, we obtain for you:

  • Founding Act (Decision-Contract on Founding, Statute)
  • Decision on company registration
  • Registration number
  • Tax number
  • Company tax number
  • Company customs number
  • Company stamp
  • Business bank account

To arrange the establishment or transfer of the company, we need from you :

  • Data of the future / new owner (name and surname, address, SSN, identity document number, document issuer and tax number), in case the owner is a foreigner, we also need a certified copy and translation of the passport
  • Data of new representatives (director or procurator: first and last name, address, SSN, identity document number, issuer and tax number)
  • New company name (if changed)
  • New headquarters of the company
  • Activities (main and other activities)